I support organisations to create awesome environments where your people achieve the desired results driven by a shared purpose, facts and respect.

Organisations live in a connected society where change is becoming faster-paced, constant and unpredictable, making it harder for them to achieve their desired results. People value more and more where they invest their work time, energy and connect with a purpose.


By supporting them in creating a work environment in which they are more driven:

  • by facts rather than by opinions, 

  • by respect and appreciation rather than by a blaming culture, 

  • by curiosity and trust rather than by defensive behaviours 

  • and by a shared an aligned purpose rather than by silos goals or hidden agendas.


I enable the organisations to learn and adapt faster for achieving their goals and their people to be more engaged at work.


Hi, I am Javier Pérez Fernández

I’m a Teams and Organisations Transformation Coach. 


My passion is to help organisations, leaders and teams to become more effective in delivering value, whilst developing a continuous improvement culture, reducing the risk of failure and creating a working environment where people love to work.


Ten years ago, I stopped working as software developer and focused on becoming better and better first as scrum master and later as agile coach. I grew not only in agile methodologies, but also in different coaching approaches as Co-active, ORSC, Ontological, Leadership Energy... This helped me to become in one of the very few Certified Agile Coaches guides from the Scrum Alliance.

Please learn more about me in the following link: